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Word Ruffle Instructions

The control scheme of Word Ruffle is very straightforward and easy to pick up: use your keyboard to type the words and enter them. Well, yeah, you need to use your mouse too. A couple of clicks to get the game started. A couple of clicks to shuffle and ruffle the words BUT that's about it. Anyway, onto the game!

Word Ruffle Walkthrough

Just like in most word games out there, Word Rufffle is a game that requires you to spell and form as many words as you can and as possible from a list of letters. There are 3 levels in every game. Each of them is 3 minutes long (well, it all depends on you...you can set the initial time).

On the first level, you have 6 letters at your disposal... 6 letters to form words from. The second level gives you 7 letters to work with. While the last one, the third level, gives you 8 letters to begin with. There are 2 ways to move to the next level: (1) you need to score a certain percentage of the maximum possible points. That's 60 percent of the maximum possible score to be exact, and (2) find a word that uses all of the letters.

What makes this one stand out from other word games out there is that you can now play against others! Rounds are played continuously while your score is posted together with the scores of current players. Now, I don't know about you BUT that sounds like having serious bragging rights when you top the list...although that's a hard feat to achieve especially since you are up against lovers and enthusiasts of word games. Every round has a total of 5 minutes. There are again 3 levels to choose from and you can pick to progress to the next level after finding a word that uses all of the letters.

Since you only have 3 minutes at your disposal (if you leave it at that), I figured some keyboard shortcuts and quick reminders should help you get the most score out of the time limit...allowing you to focus more on forming and typing in the words rather than fumbling for the controls:

Keyboard Special Keys: (1) To delete the current word, say if you changed your mind, instead of pressing Back Space multiple times, just hit the Space Bar or Delete button to get the job done. (2) Hitting Back Space will remove the last letter entered. (3) Hitting the Left Arrow will fill in the tiles with the last submitted word, perfect for adding 'S' for the plural form :) (3) Hitting the right directional key will ruffle the letters, this helps when you are stumped and can't seem to form words out of the letters the way they are arranged. (4) Pressing the End button will end the current level. BUT only press it if you think you have completed at least 60 percent of the maximum score or you have guessed a word that uses all of the letters. Otherwise, it's game over for you and you have to start all over.

Summing it all up, Word Ruffle has all of the elements you'd want from most word games out there. Clean graphics that are not destructive, time limits to keep it exciting (although you can adjust it), and the ability to play with it together with your friends. Sounds like an excellent way or re-affirming your word wizard status among your circle of friends.

If you are looking for word games that will keep you busy and your minds sharp, you can't go wrong with Word Ruffle. It's one of the most solid word games out there.