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Word Slamm Instructions

Word Slamm is controlled by using the mouse. Rearrange the tiles by clicking and dragging them into position to form words. You may also swap tiles by clicking on one, then clicking on another. Click on the take button when you have formed your word. Click on the stop button to give you more time to arrange your tiles. Place tiles in the holding area if you do not wish to use them. The P key pauses the game, and the U key unpauses the game.

Word Slamm Walkthrough

If you are looking for a word game that will test your mental dexterity, then Word Slamm is just the game for you! Word Slamm may have simple graphics, but it makes up for it with high-paced gameplay!

The objective of Word Slamm is to score as many points as you can by arranging letter tiles to form words on your rack. Letters will continue to come in and place themselves on your rack until you have submitted a valid word. Valid words in this word game must contain at least four letters. If you allow the rack to fill up without spelling a valid word, then this word game will end.

In order to score big in Word Slamm, you will need to know how to manipulate letters to form words. In order to spell words in this word game, simply arrange letters on your rack at the bottom of the screen. Each letter has its own point value that is displayed underneath it. The base value of the word that you spell is calculated as the sum of the letter values. The word that you are currently spelling is displayed to the right side of the game's interface. You may have spaces between letters as long as the words are in the correct order to spell a valid word. The longer the world that you form, the greater your score will be, but waiting for your letter rack to fill up puts you at a greater risk of losing.

If you want to score even higher in this word game, you can do so by placing letter tiles on special squares on your rack. These squares may double or triple word or letter values, so try to use them if you can! Remember that you can leave gaps between letters as long as the letters are in an order that would produce a valid word, so leaving space between tiles may help you to utilize the score multipliers in this word game.

Word Slamm is a challenging word game that will put your vocabulary to the test. If you are a fan of high-paced games that challenge your mind, then you will enjoy Word Slamm!