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Word Slider Instructions

Word Slider is controlled by using the mouse. Click and drag on tiles to slide them.

Word Slider Walkthrough

Word Slider is a word game with a simple premise, but very challenging gameplay. This word game features simple graphics, easy controls, and game mechanics that will test your problem-solving abilities!

The objective of Word Slider is to move tiles to spell words by manipulating tiles on the playing field. You may only move one tile at once, and tiles cannot be used to push others; you may only shift tiles to empty spaces. Each level gives you a list of eight words that you may spell. On the first level, you are given sixty seconds to spell one of the words. On each subsequent level of this word game, you are given ten extra seconds and must spell and additional word from the list. The game ends when time runs out, so you must be quick if you want to advance!

To spell words in Word Slider, arrange the letter tiles by sliding them until a word is formed. Words may be formed horizontally or vertically, and may be spelled forwards or backwards. In order for a word to count in this word game, it must be present on the list of words on the right of the screen. Words that are not on the list do not count. When you have correctly spelled a word, the the tiles that you used will become grayed-out, and the word will receive a check mark next to it on the word list.

Unlike other word games, Word Slider does not test your vocabulary, since the words that you must spell are listed for you. Instead, Word Slider tests your resourcefulness and ability to plan ahead. When a word is spelled, the tiles that are used become grayed-out and immovable. This means that you must plan where you want to spell a word, because immobile tiles may make it impossible to move other tiles to spell words later on.

Word Slider is a splendid puzzle game that is great for players of all ages. Word Slider is an ideal game to play when you have some spare time at home or in the office!