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Word Up Instructions

Word Up is controlled with the keyboard or mouse. Type in words and press enter to submit them. You may alternatively click the typewriter interface on the game's screen with your mouse to input words.

Word Up Walkthrough

Word Up is a simple and addicting word game. Word Up features a cool interface, appropriate sound effects, and four rounds of gameplay.

The objective of Word Up is to spell words using the key letter of the round. The first letter requires you to spell four-letter words (no, not those kind of four-letter words!), and each subsequent round adds one extra letter, meaning that you will be spelling seven-letter words by the fourth round. In order for a word to count in this word game, you must include the key letter. Failure to do so, or inputting a word that is too short or too long means that your word will not count. There is no way to explicitly lose Word Up since it is possible to let time tick away without spelling a single word, but you will want to spell as many unique words as possible to get a high score.

It is important to realize that you do not necessarily have to spell words that begin with the key letter in Word Up, but the words that you spell must contain at least on instance of the key letter. If you manage to spell a word with the key letter in the highlighted box or boxes, then you will be rewarded with bonus points.

The first stage of Word Up is easy. Try spelling as many four-letter words as you can that contain the key letter. Using words that rhyme with each other may help you to score big points in this initial level. Valid words that you spell and your score are not displayed or tallied until the end of the round in this word game, so do not worry. Just concentrate on spelling as many words as you possibly can. Later levels get tougher as they require you to spell longer words, but using words that rhyme or variations of the same root word can help you to attain a high score.

Word Up is word game that is very addicting as well as user-friendly. If you are comfortable typing, then you can spell words at high speed, but for those gamers that are not great typists, the mouse control option may be more appealing. If you think that you have an extensive vocabulary, then put it to the test in Word Up!