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Wordix Instructions

Wordix is controlled by using the mouse. Click on a tile to select it and add its letter to the word that you are trying to spell.

Wordix Walkthrough

Wordix is a word game with a distinctive Andean cultural atmosphere. Wordix is a challenging game, but can it is possible (although highly-improbably) to play for an unlimited period of time.

The objective of Wordix is to form words from the list at the right from the letters on the board. The longer the word that you form, the higher your score will be. To form words in this word game, simply click on any letter, and click on other letters to spell out the word of your choice. What you have currently spelled is displayed at the top of the game's interface. Selected letters are highlighted in red, and if you have spelled out a word from the word list, the highlight will turn green. To deselect all letters, simply click on any of the selected red letter. To submit a word, click on any green highlighted letter. Wordix ends when any column of letters reaches the top.

Spelling longer words is a good way to score big points in Wordix, but in some cases it may be best to spell out a large number of smaller words. As you progress in this word game, letters will fall faster and more frequently from the top of the screen. You may want to spell a lot of small words, making sure to select letters from the columns that are closest to reaching the top in order to stay in the game. If you are able to prolong your game, you may end up with a higher score than would have had by trying to wait for letters to appear so that you could spell bigger words.

Occasionally, a tile with an asterisk (*) may appear on the board. These tiles may be used to represent any letter. I prefer to save these to form bigger words, but it may be a good idea to use them if it can help you to prevent a column from reaching the top of the screen.

Wordix is a challenging word game with a high entertainment value. Try to score as high as you can in Wordix!