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Wordspector Instructions

Guess letters using your mouse and the left mouse button or by typing the letters in on your keyboard. Submit a word by hitting 'enter'. Remove a letter by hitting 'backspace'. Shuffle letters by hitting 'space'.

Wordspector Walkthrough

Wordspector is an excellent online puzzle game that challenges you to guess the mystery word before the hourglass is empty. This challenging and entertaining game is similar to the other 'guess the word' style word games online, but it offers fun graphics, hints and given letters to make things a little bit easier. Even with those features in place, though, this game is still quite difficult and will offer even the most experienced players a challenge. The use of color coded letter tiles makes the game a little easier to grasp than many of the other word games online that rely on other sorts of indicators. You can tell which of the letters you've guess, if any, are correct and whether or not the correct letters are in the correct spot in the mystery word. This means the game is a little more accessible for newcomers to this sort of word game without being so easy experience players will get bored. It isn't the most difficult word game online, but it is definitely one of the most entertaining.

The key to getting a good score in Wordspector is to avoid wrong guesses and to guess the mystery word as quickly as possible. While that might sound difficult, it's all about paying attention to the clues you are given. The first few levels start off relatively easy so you can get used to what is being asked of you in each game. Each mystery word is worth a certain number of points at the beginning of each round. Each incorrect guess you make subtracts points from the word's value. For that reason, the need to get the word in as few guesses as possible is obvious. The value of the word is shown on the left side of the screen along with the level you are on and the points you have at any given time during the game. On the right side of the screen, you will see the hour glass that counts down the amount of time you have to finish the puzzle. When the hour glass is empty your game is over. You'll also find 'reveal a letter' on the right side of the screen. Hit this if you're stuck to see one of the hidden letters in the puzzle. Use it sparingly. It takes a few moments to refresh so save it for when you really need it.

The color coded tiles are likely the biggest advantage Wordspector offers. When you make a guess, your word will appear on the game grid. The letter you are given at the start of the level (although in later levels, you are sometimes not given a beginning word)is shown in dark brown. This letter will have to be used in every guess you make in the position it is in. The given letter is always found in the mystery word. Letters you have guessed that appear on a tan tile on the game grid are letters that are not part of the mystery word. These letters are then darkened among your given letters to reduce the chances you will try to use them again. Letters that appear on a yellow tile on the game grid are letters that are part of the mystery word but not in the position you guessed them in. For example, if you guessed a word with a 't' as the last letter and the 't' shows on a yellow tile on your game grid, the mystery word does contain a 't' but not as the last letter. In your next guess, try guessing 't' in a different position. Letters that appear on green tiles in your game grid are part of the mystery word and are in the right position. If you guessed 't' as the last letter the first time and it showed on a yellow tile, then guessed it again as the first letter and it now shows as a green tile, the first letter of the mystery word is in fact a 't'. Use these color coded tiles to make educated guessed until all of the tiles are green and you move on to the next level.

Wordspector also offers bonus levels which isn't something most word games offer. In these bonus levels your only goal is to make as many words and score as many points as you can before time runs out. There is no mystery word in the bonus levels, but there is a little twist you need to be aware of. While in the 'Bonus' bonus level you can choose whatever words you want until you run out of time, things are a bit different for the 'Sunob' bonus level. In this level you must input all of the words you want to submit backwards. For example, if you want to use the word 'pure' you would input 'erup'. This can be a little tricky, but it's a delightful change from the ordinary word game controls.

Overall, Wordspector is one of the most addictive word games online. It's difficult but still fun with interesting graphics that don't feel boring or plain. You want to keep playing level after level, just because it's so much fun to play. This is an excellent word game that challenges you to think and to use logic without making it feel like work. This game offers something fun for everyone - from newcomers to the word game genre to experienced players who are looking for a challenge. Give it a shot and see how high you can get your score!