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Wordstone Instructions

The controls of Word Stone is very simple - you just need to use your mouse to interact - a couple of clicks to get the game started, a couple of clicks to submit a word, some clicks to make sure those tiles don't reach the bottom. That's it. Nothing really complex. Let's take a look at this cool looking word game...

Wordstone Walkthrough

Word games and puzzle games with an Aztecs theme like Zuma, for some reason, are very appealing. I don't know. Maybe those are one of the magical qualities of the Aztecs? Maybe. Anyway, if you are looking for word games that are interesting...and have an Aztecs them, look no further. It's here: Wordstone.

The idea here is to grab, swap, and place tiles to form word in vertical or horizontol format before the timer runs out and the blocks crash down. The downward movement of the tiles sort of remind me of another great puzzle game - Puzzle Bobble (in Japan) also known as Bust A Move (its name in the US).

Anyway, moving on...as I have mentioned in Word Stone, you need to form words - either horizontally or vertically. They can be anywhere between 3 to 8 letters long and you can submit 2 words at most at the same time. For arranging those words, use your mouse to click, grab, place, and swap tiles until you get the right combination. Once you are done, it's time to submit. Click on the Submit button on the lower left section of the screen. Alternatively, you can press S or the Space Bar key. Just use which one works for you.

When you click on an empty area on the playing field, either the current tile you have is placed or if your 'shooter' is empty, it will grab the new tile. Clicking on a tile will swap the current tile you have for the lowest tile in the column.

See that timer? Yeah? That's on the rightmost part of the screen. When it runs out, it will push a new bunch of tiles downwards. You can force a new set of tiles just by clicking anywhere on the timer. This is useful if you can't make any sense or create any word from the bunch of letters you currently have.

Under your current score, you will find a bunch of words. If you submit those words, you will get bonus points so always keep an eye on them. The section under that is the progress meter. Once it's filled, it means you have successfully played that level and you can move on to the next stage.

Now, there are 3 tiles you need to take note of: (1) The Bomb Tile: when activated and used, it will destroy tiles that are placed in the grid. (2) The Push Tile: as the name suggests, when this is used, it will push the playfield up by a row. This is really handy when you are stumped and you find the playfield and the bunch of words nearing the bottom. And (3) The Unmovable Tile (I think it should've been Immovable) - needless to say, you cannot move this tile. You can only remove it by using a bomb or by forming a word with it.

Again, don't let the tiles reach the bottom. Once they do, it's game over for you and you need to start all over again!