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Wordy Instructions

Wordy is controlled by using the mouse. Spell words by clicking adjacent letter tiles. To submit a word, double-click the last tile selected.

Wordy Walkthrough

Wordy is a word game that combines elements of Tetris and word searches. This word game features simple graphics, easy-to-learn controls, and straightforward gameplay. Wordy does not have audio, so players may wish to play their own background music. The lack of audio also makes it easier to play in the office or classroom without upsetting your coworkers, supervisors, or teachers if you just need to sneak in a gaming break (although you should really concentrate on your work and studies).

Each level of Wordy gives you ninety seconds to clear letters and prevent them from reaching the top of the screen. If a tile reaches the top of the stage, you will lose the game, similar to Tetris. If you survive for ninety seconds, you will advance to the next level of this word game. There are no score quotas to worry about in this word game; simply survive for the ninety seconds to advance.

Wordy uses mouse-only controls. Click on lettered tiles to select them, then click on adjacent tiles to form words. Double-click the last letter in a word to submit the word. Words must be no shorter than three letters in length and no longer than eight letters in length. Only words of the English language are accepted in this word game, and slang terms do not count. If a word is valid, the tiles that form the word will disappear and points will be earned. More points are earned for longer words and words that use uncommon letters such as 'Z' and 'X'.

Always remember that your objective is merely to prevent the tiles from reaching the top of the screen when playing Wordy. For this reason, it is best to form words using tiles from the highest columns if possible to lessen the threat of these columns rising to the top. It may be tempting to form big words for big points, but it may sometimes be more effective to form strings of small words, especially when trying to lower the height of the tiles. The longer that you survive in this word game, the more points you can score, so you will eventually make up for the points that you would have scored by spelling longer words.

Wordy is a fun word game with simple controls, a straightforward premise, and gameplay that is quick enough to pose a challenge, but not too frantic so as to throw players off. Wordy is a superb word game for casual gamers looking to kill some time!