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Wrangle 2 Instructions

Wrangle 2 is controlled by using the mouse.

Wrangle 2 Walkthrough

Wrangle 2 is a word game and the sequel to Wrangle. Wrangle 2 retains the same basic gameplay as its predecessor but offers improved graphics, five difficulty levels, and the new unscrambling round

If you are familiar with the first Wrangle, then Wrangle 2 will be easy for you to pick up. Your objective in the normal rounds of gameplay is to connect the two star tiles by forming words. To form words, click and drag on letter tiles and place them on the field. Words may be spelled forwards or backwards, vertically or horizontally. Valid words will earn you points at the end of the round. If a word that you are attempting to spell is invalid, the letter tiles will have red 'X's in their lower-right corners. When you are ready to move on the the next level in this word game, press the button labeled "End Round" in the lower-right corner.

Wrangle 2 features unscrambling rounds where you must unscramble a seven-letter word. If you manage to spell a shorter word with the tiles presented, you will still get through the round. You will earn more points for unscrambling the full seven-letter word, but spelling a shorted word may save time, which will be carried over to the next round.

The more letters that you use in your words, the more points you will earn in Wrangle 2. Spelling words with six or seven letters earns bonus points. Palindromes (such as "tat") and words that are valid forwards or backwards (such as "are" and "era") also earn bonus points. Finally, bonus points are earned for time left over at the end of this word game.

Wrangle 2 is a solid word game and a vast improvement over the first game of the series. If you enjoyed the first Wrangle, or if you are just a fa of entertaining word games, then you will love Wrangle 2.