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Zombie Typocalypse Instructions

Zombie Typocalypse is controlled by using the keyboard. Type in the words above zombies to shoot them. The number keys are used to switch weapons, throw grenades,a nd activate traps.

Zombie Typocalypse Walkthrough

Zombie Typocalypse is a zombie game where it takes typing skills rather than weapons to deal with the undead (weapons are present too, but typing is what counts in this game!). This typing game features superb graphics, outstanding audio, and numerous upgrades.

The goal of Zombie Typocalypse to to survive each round, killing zombies before they can harm you. If your health (indicated in the upper-left corner of the screen) is completely depleted, then you will lose the game. This typing game features three difficulty levels. If you are new to the game or a novice typist, then I advise playing on the easy difficulty level. Unfortunately, your progress is not save, so you will have to start from the beginning each time that you play.

Zombie Typocalypse uses the keyboard as its control device. Type in the words above zombies to shoot them. To collect items such as health kits, ammunition, and money, simply type the word that appears above the item. There is no penalty for misspelling a word in this typing game, but doing so takes up time and exposes you to your enemies. Also note that the spacebar must be pressed when attacking zombies or collecting items that use phrases with more than one word. To switch between weapons, throw grenades, or activate traps, press the indicated number key adjacent to the icon of the item that you wish to use.

After each level of Zombie Typocalypse, you are given the opportunity to purchase upgrades. If you are a typing purist that wants to use the game as an educational tool, then you should avoid buying upgrades (besides ammunition for your pistols). If you want to play this typing game as a game, however, I advise you to buy as many upgrades as you can afford, starting with the sub-machine guns. The SMGs drastically increase your firepower, allowing you to mow down enemies as fast as you can type. Grenades and armor also help, especially on later levels.

Zombie Typocalypse may be too violent and gory for educators, but parents may see it as a better alternative to mindless action games that are common today; at least children can practice their typing here! Zombie Typocalypse is a modern take on the adage "The pen is mightier than the sword"; in this typing game, the keyboard is mightier than the gun when dealing with zombies!